вторник, 24 март 2009 г.

Гаранция за успех

Моделът е от списание "Маленькая Diana"№4/2009г.

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Angel.Pearls каза...

Thanks for your nice words! Pretty knitting! Best//Eva

Fatinha каза...

Hello, Daria

Thanks for your visit.
Your blog is very beautiful and I'll put it into my favorites links.

Sorry for my english if it's something wrong. I don't use in my days and I hope that you understand me.

More success for you.

Fátima Ventura (Fatinha)
São Paulo - Brasil

Daria каза...

Hello, Eva!
Thenk you for the letter.
Good luck!All the best!:)

Daria каза...

Hello, Fatinha!
Thank you for the pleasant word:)


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